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Welcome to SE*Ullrtass's...

SE*Ullrtass Cattery is located in Tumba, Sweden. we a registered Diplomerad of Sverak since 2015,  member of FIFe and of Uppsala Cat Club. I received my cattery name or STAMTAVLA of SE*Ullrtass's in 2014 through Sverak in Sweden.

Our Goal...

It is my love of the NFO's wild, untamed nature and astounding beauty for which we began. It has always remained our goal to breed The Norwegian Forest Cat as close to its natural wild look and temperment by respecting the indivuality and beauty of each cat's strengths as they are born with.  We aim to develop stronger future generations that can thrive and develop stronger through a balanced approach to breeding.  This approach combines careful selection of pedigrees to avoid imbreeding while also taking in account the physical and social temperment of each individual cat. Among the physical we look into three realms.. physical symmetry in the head through chin- ears - eyes creating a balanced look.  The body -  a thick, dense ruddy coat, a large and well developed body and guard hairs. Third and extremely important, a beautiful social temperment for which Norwegian Forest cats are known to have. It is my love of the wild and rugged Norwegian Forest Cat that continues to moitvate me to seek only very special matings that will elevate the next generation of forest cats. Through breeding it is our passion to also share this love with others as they fascinate and delight.

Our Cats...

Each cat in our cattery is pedigreed in Sweden through Sverak within FIFe. We test each cat genetically for GSDIV, for PKDef, FIV/FeLV and we scan the cat's heart for HCM on years 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.  This is vital to remaining a healthy cattery. A complete health history including the full ancestry of each cat (as far as we have been able to research it) is given to each person who adopts a kitten from us. At any time a buyer needs help from us we are there for them. It is important how I relate to my kitten buyers and both people need to feel a good connection. You can feel confident that you can always turn to me, whether its a small or big problem.. I want people to know they can count on me for anything they need.

Our Home Environment...
As we are a small cattery and each cat is personally hand raised by us so we can give adequate time, care and individualized attention to every cat. Our cats share our home as full family members  enjoying very  happy and socialized lives together with full access to our home. We live in an large apartment which provides ample space with a variety of rooms equiped with climbing trees, cat beds and spaces for each cat to have play, sleep or solitudeas they wish. We consider ourselves as much cat lovers as breeders and the happiness and peaceful adjustment of everyday life in a group setting is the most important element to our cats welfare.  This adopted philosophy of putting our cats first is essential to US to keep us strong and all thriving. A kitten is a life long committment and a friend for life who will bond with you in a very social way. They need adequete space to climb and many different places to sleep. Because the life span of a cat is long, a person needs to think if they can provide the time and committment to give to a cat before considering adoption. Indoor settings, enlcosed catruns or leashes are needed to be provided as these days Norwegian Forest cats do not live in the wild.

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In 2015 I became a SVERAKs uppfödardiplomering.


Being SVERAK certified breeders are considered as a quality assurance.  As a registered breeder I agree to be updated with access and follow new decisions, rules and regulations and to actively work for the cat as a pet, and for good husbandry. After passing the exam, a SVERAK certified breeders have a basic cat and covenant knowledge to share with the cat buyers and prospective cat breeders.  All breeders and members of SVERAK should - besides other laws and regulations - follow the FIFe and SVERAKs statutes and regulations. A SVERAK-certified breeder should also have shown that it has a basic cat and covenant knowledge to share with the cat buyers and prospective cat breeders.

SVERAK-certified cat breeders, in addition to the cat itself, an important representative of reputable cattery, cat good posture and cat sport in general. Thus, there is a great responsibility towards the cat, SVERAK and SVERAKs values ​​and principles. SVERAK certified breeders should work positively in that spirit.

PAWPEDS Courses...

I have taken The G1 and G2 exam in PAWPEDS's PawAcademy. G1 is the first class and G2 is the second class. There is also a third class which I will be taking in September 2017. These class are training for breeders who want to learn more about diseases, breeding specifics and genetics. It is very important to keep learning and update ourselves as much as possible. You can click on each award to see the people who have passed the exam and I have Passed these 2 exams.




 We welcome you to contact us and hope you will enjoy visiting our site,

Amy and Fredrik

In Sweden - mobile tel   +(011) 0 723868499