Norsk Skogskatt




Born 2018-04-05



Male: SE*Lisselbacks Elton

NFO n 24, Black spotted tabby

Female: SE*Ullrtass's Bödvara av Bergdis

NFO n, Black


Both Cats are direct tested GSD-IV, PK-def, fiv/felv (microchip verified results) and Strep G.

Bodi tested HCM normal. Elton to be tested HCM at age 1.

All results on PAWPEDS and FINDUS databases.




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Sugar Magnolia

Female  n 23, Black mackerel tabby


881 grams

Under Observation


Alabama Getaway

Female  n 23, Black mackerel tabby


783 grams

*For Sale


See See Rider

Female  n 23, Black mackerel tabby


793 grams

Under Observation


Dark Star

Male n 24, Black spotted tabby


934 grams 





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14 week



About Our Kittens...

  • Will be ready to move when they are atleast 14 weeks of age.
  • They are fully vaccinnated, de-wormed atleast 2 times and have a health certificate not older than 7 days.
  • Are registered with FIFE/SVERAK pedigree  and have a microchip for identification.
  • Are insured for hidden defects for 3 years through our insurance which is SVELAND.
  • Our kittens are hand raised in a family setting with lots of care to fully socialize them in a group and to be comfortable and outgoing.
  • The Kitten comes with a kitten package including toys, food, treats, anything with familiar smells and other nice things for your new family member so they can make a smooth adjustment to their new environment.. Also a helpful detailed information packet with includes their pedigree, vaccinations,  a health certificate, all tests (these include all genetic tests that I have in the history on the kitten's ancestors) and the full history of your kitten as much as I can provide you.
  • You will always receive support with your kitten during its growth and life. You can always email or call with questions.
  • You are welcome to ask or show interest in our kittens, but we never decide anything for breeding/interest before the kittens are preferable 7 to 8 weeks.
  • Ullrtass Cattery reserves the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten, at anytime at our discretion.


Kittens Traveling Abroad...

1. Picked up from our cattery in Emmaboda, Sweden or at Kalmar Airport in Sweden from the owner (We live in the south part of Sweden 30 minutes from the airport). New owner is welcome to be our guest and stay at our home and we will gladly pick you up from the airport and bring you back to our home, or help you make arrangements if you need to stay by the airport.

2. Travel by plane with an animal transport company that will take to them safely to their destination with an escort

*Passport, Rabies vaccinations and Health Certificate (good for 7 days before travel) will be issued for all kittens traveling abroad from Sweden.



Terms Used When Booking a Kitten...

Free/For sale : Available for sale.
Option : Someone/s have expressed an interest, but have not booked yet But kitten is on hold
Booked : A deposit have been paid and the cat is booked. In connection with the booking, a booking agreement is signed by both parts.
Sold : Full payment have been made and the cat has moved to its new home. In connection with the transfer a purchase agreement is signed by both parts, and the form for transfer of ownership is signed and sent in.




I welcome you to contact me either by email or telephone.

Amy Kriozere  - Virdegatan 15 - 36133 -  Emmaboda Sweden  e-mail:

Phone:  +46 07 23 868 499