SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013



Our Kittens...

Ullrtass's kittens will be ready to move when they are atleast 14 weeks of age.

When they move they are fully vacinnated, dewormed atleast 2 times and have a health certificate not older than 7 days.

The kitten is registered with FIFE/SVERAK pedigree and receive a swedish pedigree (STAMTAVLA) with a registration number and have a microchip for identification.

The kitten is insured for hidden defects for 3 years through our insurance which is SVELAND.

The Kitten comes with a kitten package including toys, food, treats, anything with familiar smells and other nice things. Also a helpful detailed information packet.

Our kittens are hand raised in a family setting with lots of care to fully socialize them in a group and to be comfortable and outgoing.

We do not ship our kittens without an escort so they must be picked up from our cattery or Kalmar Airport in Sweden, or in rare cases I will fly to you provided my time allows and full arrangements have been made by the person adopting the kitten. We live in the south part of Sweden 30 minutes from the airport.

You are welcome to ask or show interest in our kittens, but we never decide anything for breeding/interest before the kittens are atleast 5 weeks old and preferable 7 to 8 weeks.


You Will Also Receive From Us...

A Purchase Contract from us

Support with your kitten during its growth and life. You can always email or call with questions. We are here for you

You kitten will come equipped with their own kitten package. In it you will find all necessary paper work including pedigree, vaccination certificates, tests and FULL HISTORY of your kitten as much as I can provide you. These include all genetic tests that I have in the history on the kitten's ancestors. Passport and Health Certificates will be issued for kittens traveling abroad from Sweden. We also include dry and wet food, toys, treats for your new family member so they can make a smooth adjustment to their new environment.

We are proud part of the  Royal Canin, Orijen,  and Britt Breeder programs and will glady help you get started to a new life feeding your kitten the food of your choice.



Our Norwegian Cats are loviingly handraised and socialized in our family from the first day. They know other cats, the human touch and are used to alot of daily contact and stimulation. Because they are sociable and not solitary by nature we reccommend atleast one other animal companion for them and person, not to let them live alone for extended periods of time. They also like to climb, jump, play and feel fresh air. Sturdy catclimbers, enclosed catruns and enclosed cat gardens are good sources of exercize. We do not wish the pets we sell to experience free roaming alone at anytime unless their companion has an enclosed and protected space for them.

We feel its really important to have good contact with prospective and new owners and are at your disposal for any questions or advice you may need. We are happy to provide you videos and pictures! We also welcome and love to see pictures and hear news of how our former young animals are doing.

Before you purchase remember....Time and attention it takes to give an animal...allergies...cost of veternarian friendly housing....these are all considerations.

We welcome you to visist our cattery if we have kittens and you are interested and have fallen in love!


Amy Möller


Phone: +46 07 23 868 499