SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013

Awe de Tsavo*ES  (Awe)

Race - Norsk Skogkatt

Female - FERTILE

EMS - NFO a 09 Blue with White

Born - 2016-06-16

Reg Number - SVERAK LO 333213 ((ES)ASFE LO 53345)

Birthplace - El Escorial, Spain

Breeder - Teresa Martinez, Tsavo*ES

Mother - GIC Nuba de Tsavo *ES - NFO n 03 23

Father - Coll MacGregor de Tsavo *ES - NFO n 09

GSD IV - N/N, 2017-05-03, Langford Labs - Lab G20054, Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

PK-def -  N/N, 2017-05-03, Langford Labs, UK, Lab G20054, Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2017-12-15, Anicura Emmaboda, Gören Sjöström Veternarian

HCM - NORMAL, 2017-12-11, Anicura Kalmar, Torkel Falk Veternarian



Litters - None

Exhibition Results  EX2/1  EX1/1  BIV/1



More about Awe...

Awe is so beautiful, a classic norwegian forest cat with feminine features, high tucked ears, and long collar being in full condition most of the time. She a real huntress, playful, unafraid and yet feminine and likes to be solitary at times. For me, she embodies everything that holds true about this breed of cat but seems to be lost these days as people go for the extremes in breeding. To me she is perfect and always has been as I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her and threw every standard I was supposed to ahere to out the window (and that is for us FIFe). I was flat out in love and called the breeders in Spain until they agreed for her to be mine. I have never regretted it. If I have to say she has one fault by the FIFe standard that the judging has marked her down on it is her rather smaller ear size that stands straight upon her head in full alert. Awe inherited these from her mother Nuba however I quite like them and they fit the old fashioned type NFO very well. In Sweden judging circles by the FIFe standard are not so keen to embrace thi,s although by other standards she would do quite well and has in Spain where she was born. Still she has it all - good high back legs, perfect triangle, wide open almond eyes with a killer look, a fierce and beautiful independent temperment, and a long a silky coat. She shows her best when put infront of an audience as she looks flashy and is calm at the show. Awe is getting larger in body at over 1 year old and will be a GREAT breeding female. She is full of competition and wants to be our number 1 cat at times. She is always talking to let you know JUST how it is for her! To know and love a real independent cat and respect them enough to let them be the fierce and wild creature they are can only bring out their best  -  Awe relishes many extremely active play times regularity to let her run free and express the most in her as she lets loose. With encouragement to her strong character she has blossomed into a full grown gorgeous girl developing confidence in who she is.

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