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In Sweden since 2013

CH Frida Vendellek*PL

Race - Norsk skogkatt


EMS - f 23 Black tortie mackerel tabby

Born - 2015-01-21

Reg Number - SVERAK LO 316642

Birthplace - Lodz, Poland

Breeder - Karolina Laskowska, Vendellek*PL

Mother - IC Dorothea Vendellek*PL, JW

Father - DK*Seecom's Gasket   

GSD IV - N/N, 2017-05-03, Langford Labs - Lab G20055, UK, Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

PK-def - N/N, 2017-05-03, Langford Labs - Lab 20055, UK, Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2017-01-14, IDEXX laboratory Report #VM3805341401



Litters - B Litter

Exhibition Results  EX3/ 1; EX2/ 4; EX1/ 2; BIV/1; BIV-T/1; CAC/3; CHAMPION; CACIB/2  






More about Frida...

Always purring and self-confident. This girl is born for show. She is quite exotic with a beautiful profile and quite big ears as all people say however that's what I love about her and makes her stand out..she will make a fantastic show cat with her beautiful temperament, gorgeous coat and lovely tail which is red!! She was settled and comfortable from the moment she came into our home, no need to worry about her..she is an extremely secure and loving kitten. We are so lucky we have a great breeder who knew just what she needed. Frida has a very energetic personality and she lives up to the reputation of a tortie except she is a Torbie without being mean at all or moody. She is extremely affectionate and this has rubbed off on his daughter Bodi. Frida is a very flashy cat and takes the show position well. Beautiful long tail and her coat remains always fantastic. Her large ear size and position somewhat higher on her head have caused many points of discussion in the Norwegian Forest Cat world and many a complaint..but never from the judging panel - they all seem to like her. She really is confident and beautiful with her full grown size now being up to almost 6 kilos. She really has come into my heart and just layed herself out to me. I feel lucky and warm to be hearing her constant talking about how much she loves us, swishing of the tail that she's happy and always on her terms.

Frida had 1 birth last year of her daughter Bodvara. After much deliberation, going back and forth and really suffering for Frida's sake over the big infection she suffered during the birth which caused her trauma resulting in a emergency cecearan section, we decided to not have her uneedlessly suffer again so having her castrated would be the best for her. It was difficult to do this so early on as i know she would have been a great mama. We are so happy Frida will stay with us comfortable and cozy staying near daughter Bodi and father Muddy as one of the family. Thank you dear karolina for entrusting us with your beloved Frida so early on in our breeding career. We know how much she meant to you and now to us.

2 years/ 7 months

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1.5 years

Pregnant with Bödvara

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