SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013

S*Alohi Popoki (SE)


Finience Cattery NFO - Korea

Les Fines Terres (FR)

S*Marmors NFO

SE*Midtown Magic's NFO

Myk SkattMus NFO


Strukhof Cattery (DE)

S*Summer Flame's Siberian

Tsavo*ES (Awe's Breeder)

S*Utblickens NFO

Cattery Vandetoverbal - NL

Vendellek *PL (Frida's breeder)

Wildheart Tiger NFO -Austria

Wuselland NFO - de



How to Transitions Cats to A Raw Diet

Cat Color Calculator



Revival Animal Health  (Pet Nutri drops, Feeding Tubes)  (breeders supplies for newborns)

Ceramic In Hof (Ceramic Water Bowls)

House of Bastet  (Breeding and Show accesories)

Pet Vet Medical - in UK  (Health, Vitamins, Breeding/Other)

Welkas Shop - Germany

Carnimed - Germany (Carnilac Baby Cat milk)

Mieze & Fiffi - Germany (Carnilac/Colostrum replacement/breeding)

Romney's - Germany (Nipples/silicone suckers 10ml)

Skovkat - Germany (Exhibition/Breeding/Cages/Food)

**KITTEN GLOP RECIPES - (for weak kittens)


We are a member of Rufi Breeding program. We can provide you with a discount if you order through us. Contact us for details. (Food and supplies

Brit Cat Food

Burgardin -Dk (Unique Show Curtains)

Cat Design Store - nl

Cat Stuff Online Shop (Breeding and kitten supplies)

Catwalk Katzenkratzbaumsystem - Germany (CatClimbing systems)

CRTZoo (Food and Supplies in Sweden)

FIFe -start page

FIFe - Search Exhibitions

Haromi Hundtillbehör AB (Exhibition/Breeding Supplies)  (Food and Supplies)

Irene's Burskynken (Cat Exhibition Curtains)

Katzen-deko of Germany (Super Cat Beds/Trees)

Katternren - NL (Cat Run/Cage/Netting Materials)

Kristin's Katzenshop (Cat trees/sistals/etc )

Langford Veternary Srvc. - Feline Genetic Testing

Pawpeds Database - Test Your Pedigree

Pawpeds Academy (For G1,G2 and G3 courses)

Pet (Cat Trees and large sistals for big cats)

Pet (Inexpensive resourse for cat supplies)

Pet Travel Store (Travel Forms for all Countries/Travel Kits/Crates/Airline Products/Auto Products)

Porta 21 Cat Food

Proplan Cat Food

Rarissima (Exclusive Cat Trees made to look like trees)

RUFI Drapaki (Robust cat scratchers)

Skokattslingan (Breeders magazine/Website in Sweden)

Sleepypod (Plush Pet Airline Travel Cases)

SuperCat (Cat products in Sweden)

Sveland Animal Insurance

Sverak -Start page

Sverak Findus - search pedigree (Cat food/supplies - Sweden) (All for the cat/good selection of cat food)