SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013



SE*Ullrtass A Litter 

Royal Litter

Born 05-02*2015

Father: GIC*Utblikens Trisse
a 24, Blue
HCM-testad: normal 2016/2011
GSDIV: normal
 PK-def: normal


Mother: SE*Cederskogens Opia Opal
a 09 22, Blue w/bloched tabby
HCM-testad: normal 2014
GSDIV: normal
 PK-def: normal


'A' Litter - Royal Litter

Born: 2015-05-02


Father: GIC*Utblikens Trisse NFO a 24
Mother: SE*Cederskogens Opia Opal NFO a 09 22
SE*Ullrtass Hells Bells Royal Male/Kastrate NFO  09 24
SE*Ullrtass Muddy Waters Royal Male/fertile

NFO a 22




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Terms Used When Booking a Kitten...


For sale : Available for sale.
Looking for host : Looking for a host family. The cat will remain in SE*Ullrtass, but live in a host family
Option : Someone/s have expressed an interest, but have not booked yet But kitten is on hold
Booked : A deposit have been paid and the cat is booked. In connection with the booking, a booking agreement is signed by both parts.
Sold : Full payment have been made and the cat has moved to its new home. In connection with the transfer a purchase agreement is signed by both parts, and the form for transfer of ownership is signed and sent in.