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About our Breeding Plans ...

All our breeding cats are examined for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and are regularly re-examined at a recognized and "listed" pediatrician for cardiology,. This "breeding suitability test" is done at the latest every 2 years for breeding cats and will be registered in the PAWPEDS and FINDUS database (SVERAK). Our breeding cats are tested on both GSD IV and PK-def plus fiv/felv before mating.. These examinations also show the responsibility of the breeder and the health of the cat to be able to successfully breed with a healthy result. All results can be found in the pedigree of our kittens! The health of our kittens and future generations is therefore not left to chance ... To a good, serious breeder belongs also always well-founded genetic knowledge, in order to eradicate hereditary diseases in the long term, or never come to bear in the cattery ever.

With regards to our cats health:

If you are looking for a "healthy young animal" for pleasure as a lover of the Norwegian forest cat, you will notice that very different information on the health status of the breeding cats can be found from.breeder to breeder. Serious breeders are using new genetic tests at the present time in order to avoid the development of genetically ill offspring! They will test with regularity. For our pets we take in consideration that by testing regularly, providing high quality nutrition and a hygienic environment which includes not only cleanliness but maintaining small group numbers, we are able to avoid and even eradicate hereditary diseases in the long term, or they will not at all even come into play. For us and also for our pets, it is proven that the general life expectancy is constantly improving due to the ever-improving medical care, good hygiene conditions and high-quality nutrition we are able to provide our cats.


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