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SE*Cederskogens Opia Opal


Race - Norsk Skogkatt -FEMALE (Fertile)

EMS - a 0923 Blue tabby with white bloched

Born - 2013-08-06

Reg Number - SVERAK LO 300546

Mother - GIC S*Fridalas Piri Piri

Father - XL aus dem Wuselland

Birthplace - Tullarp, Sweden

GSD IV - N/N, 2017-05-04, Langford Labs, Dr. Chris Halps

PK-def - N/N, 2017-05-04, Landford labs, Dr. Chris Halps

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2017-01-14, IDEXX laboratory Report #VM3805341401

HCM - Normal 2014-12-08, Dr. Lennart Nilsfors, Veternarian

          Normal 2016-07-15, Dr. Jens Häggström, Veternarian Professor



Litters - A Litter - Royal Litter














1.5 years

                11 months

11 weeks

                  1.2 years

Opia.s Characteristics...

So very sweet and sensitive yet very smart, attentive and quick. She responds to human emotion deeply and in turn teaches us how she wants her world and for us to respond and join. She is very lady-like but loves to play hard too at times as climbing is probably her olympic sport. She doesn't shy away from a good game of chase and kill the toys in a tough way!  I say she is a lady because she has those two sides to her that might perplex you. She was very wild and independent as a kitten climbing in high places to be alone and sleep not bothering to cuddle in our bed. Then at times she would really act so sweet and innocent, coming to us for cuddles just when we thought she wanted to be alone or waking up and crying to see if we were there near her...oh so sweet.. then I would think she was a little baby kitten again. That is her...she likes her alone time yet she will come to you to tell you she loves you and you are loved in the sweetest way. As a mother she is wonderful and attentive to her kittens, always on alert for their needs first over hers. She took to this role from the start as a natural. I feel that she is better suited to this role that as a show cat although one cannot deny that to look at her is to fall in love with her beauty inside and out. Her qualities make her superb in every way. From her beautiful coat and very long, lustre tail, to her pattern and Plus the shape of her face is delicate and well formed looking like a china doll. There is no crudeness or roughness to her..I would says she is all lady.