SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013

 SE*Lisselbacks Elton (Elti)

Race -  Norsk skogkatt/Male  - Fertile

EMS - NFO  n 24

Born -  2017-04-29

Reg Number -  SVERAK LO 340794

Birthplace:  Stjärnsund, Sweden

Breeder: Helena Widenby, SE*Lisselbacks

Mother - (N) Fodnaheia's Barbados  NFO n 09 24

Father - SE* AIPeJe's Aventino  NFO n 09 22

GSDIV - N/N Langford Labs, UK - Lab G24440, Dr. Chris Helps 2017-12-06 (microchip verfied result)

PKDEF -  N/N Langford Labs, UK - Lab G24440, Dr. Chris Helps 2017-12-06 (microchip verfied result)

HCM - To be tested 2017-12-11 Kalmar Anicura

NUA Certification - CERITIFIED BREEDING MALE -Normal size testicals/No umbiical hernia 2017-11-20, Vet. Göran Sjöström, Kalmar Djursjukhus



Litters - None 

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Results:  EX1 /4: EX2/1; BIV /1; NOM /2; BIS/2; BIS KULL/2



SE*Lisselbacks Elton's Characteristics

Sweet, gentle and kind, Elton has all the characteristics of a boy I love. He is strong is body and boning and also looks to be long with great coat quality and faciial features including a super straight profile. Its a wonder to me when I look at him because he has it all! His pattern on his back is even amazing. Showing great promise, he has already won 2 BIS in his first 3 shows but that is not what amzaes me so..its how quickly and with such ease and smooth confidence he adapted to our girls already here. Its his natural easy nature and charm which lets him fit in easily to new situations without being stressed. This is a promising sign . He is a great family member, a real clown sometimes and pulls you to him with his sweet personality.



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