SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013

SE *Ullrtass's Bödvara av Bergdis (Bodi)

Race - Norsk skogkatt

Female - FERTILE

EMS - NFO n Black

Born - 2016-08-24

Reg Number - SVERAK LO 332798

Birthplace - Tumba, Sweden

Breeder - Amy Kriozere, SE*Ullrtass's

Mother - CH Frida Vendellek-PL - NFO F 23

Father - IC SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal NFO a 22

GSD IV - N/N, 2017-05-03, Langford Labs, UK, Lab G19447 Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

PK-def -  N/N, 2017-03-29, Langford Labs, UK, Lab G19447 Dr. Chris Halps (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

FIV/FeLV - Negative, 2017-12-15, Anicura Emmaboda, Gören Sjöström Veternarian

HCM - NORMAL2017-12-11, Anicura Kalmar, Torkel Falk Veternarian



Litters - None

Exhibition Results - None








More about Bödi...

Our Bodi was born out of a love match between IC SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal and CH Frida Vendellek*PL. Those two cats were so much in love and it was the first time for both of them and my 2nd generation of kittens so this was a very special union for us. Bödi-Bear as we call her was 1 out of 4 kittens and the only kitten to actually survive the cesearen section that Frida went through at 1am. Unfortunately Frida's milk didnt come down and so the first two weeks of Bodi's life were spent trying to bottle feed her and Frida not recognizing her. I decided to take her to a wet nurse to get some milk and when she came home kept the bottle feeding up for weeks. It was a very hard time for us but rewarding when Frida recognized her own daughter as her own and picked up like she never left. So bittersweet.

This has played a huge part in Bodi's ever generous sweet and kind nature. Our little girl doesn't take anything for granted and loves everyone. She is honestly grateful to be here and lets you know it. Bödvara av Begdis means 'Bearlike Warrior of Spirit protection' and she has REALLY lived up to this name. She is very fierce and secure in who she is. She has both the qualities of mom and dad: sweet and gentle like dad Muddy but also very active and independent like mom Frida. If she doesnt want to do something she will tell you so!! VERY VERY SPIRITED CAT.

She is black and comes from the Torbie mom and blue dad. It was a real surprise when she was born. Her physical features are simply wonderful. Her coat is so luxurious I never have to bath her. Her tail is super long as well. She is taking 2 full years to grow her coat just the same as her mom did..that is the only drawback now so I am not bringing her to shows because she looks slightly naked. Her ears set is large which is identical to her mom in size and position and this size is in fashion now, yet it is the hope the ears will fall as they stand a bit too high for my taste right now but they are open at the base just fine. Her build is long with higher back legs, long bushy tail, medium build with some muscularity and good overall porportion. Good triangle  with the face starting to widen, yellow eyes in the almond shape but slighty together. only fault I would say is that her chin could be stronger, Super temperment - A+++++++


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