SE*Ullrtass's Norwegian Forest Cats

In Sweden since 2013

IC SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal (Muddy)

Race -  Norsk skogkatt


EMS - NFO  a 22

Born - 2015-05-02

Reg Number -  SVERAK LO 318113

Birthplace:-  Tumba, Sweden

Breeder - Amy Kriozere, SE*Ullrtass's

Mother - SE*Cederskogens Opia Opal

Father - SC*Utblickens Trisse

GSDIV - N/N 2016-19-10, Langford Laboratory, UK, Lab G16842, Dr. Chris Helps, Senior (Veternarian verified Microchip number)

PKdef - N/N 2016-19-10, Langford Laboratory, UK, Lab G16842, Dr. Chris Helps,(Veternarian verified Microchip number)

HCM - Normal 2016-07-15, Jens Häggström, Veternary Professor

NUA Certification - CERITIFIED BREEDING MALE -Normal size testicals/No umbiical hernia 2016-10-13, Dr. Joanna Skwarski, Tumba Verternary Klinik



Litters - B Litter

Exhibition Results   EX1 /4: BIV /2; NOM /2; CAC /2; CHAMPION; CACIB /3; INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION




IC SE* Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal's Characteristics...

Born the second of three kittens in May 2015, SE*Ullrtass's Muddy Waters Royal has remained true to his name that he was given the moment he came into this world. Kind, sweet, easy going and as we were thinking of musicians names, the name Muddy Waters just stuck he was just like water...flowing naturally with things in life,,,easy going more than the other kittens, always the last to get out of the kitten box prefering to stay in the warm confines of the cozy warmth of feeding and mama's nipple reather than explore the world around him just yet. Yes, he was 'built for comfort, not for speed' as the saying goes. And so we fell in love without thinking of standards and types but knew he would always fill our heart bigger than a winning ribbon or a place at the winner circle..we already had our champion curling up besides us.

He has gotten his temperment surely from his father GIC*Utblickens Trisse who himself is quite a ladies man yet ever the gentleman. You can see now as he grows fertile yet remains calm and polite as he is dealing with his hormones....singing softly and dating our girl Frida Vendellek*PL with elaborate grooming sessions to try to win her over. When he's not courting the ladies he's always seeking to play hard with his toys, enjoying to run up and down our cat trees and then its off to my lap for cuddles...the sweetest boy EVER..that's what you get when you hand raise them. His immense size at such a young age show us what a powerful guy he will become and we are in awe of S*Utbickens breeding. They have produced great cats over the years of which he has come out of. We think his size has come from S*Utblickens Zimson, Muddy's great great Sire on his father's side, as he looks practically identical, just a spitting image! The paws and boning are two of his best features and that tail, enough to send us swooning. Some say his ears could do with a bit of growing although for such a large cat its hard to see the ears are of normal size compared to the rest of the body that at 11 months is a staggering 8.26 kilos. I consider him when looking a old type of standard with the round head the thick, waterproof coat and the heavy body. There is symmetry there in my eyes, And course the temperment. Mr. Charming! He's all of it. We look forward with great anticipation what the future holds for our lovely boy and his life.