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Varikai Von Den Wallufer Waldgeistern (Prince)

Race - Norsk skogkatt


EMS - NFO ns 09 23

Born - 07-26-2016

Reg Number - SVERAK RX 333932 ((DE)Bdk-1611088)

Birthplace - Erbach, Germany

Breeder - Sabine Keutner, Von den Wallufer Waldgeistern*DE

Mother - Samira von den Wallufer Waldgeistern, NFO ns 09 23

Father - Arjen Abendstern von den Waldgeistern - NFO as 09

GSD IV - N/N Langford Labs 2017-03-29, Dr. Chris Halps

PK-Def - Normal Langford Labs 2017-03-29, Dr. Chris Halps

PKD - Normal N/N Labokin 2017-05-15, PCR test, Report #1705-W-51507



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About Prince...

Prince, as we now call our boy, was castrated for health reasons. After 1 year of therapy to restore his health, Prince is a fully relaxed, adjusted and healthy boy, content to be always by our side on our bed, at our legs, near us, wherever we go. He is our love and our joy and has brought us emmense happiness into our lives.

Our cattery holds a strict health standard in breeding and does not endorse or recommend any kittens coming out of this breeder's cattery for breeding or as pets. For furthur information you can contact me directly at my email



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